Saturday, June 28, 2008

Star Wars (and other adventures)

We spent Friday in the Twin Cities having all kinds of adventures! Stars Wars is the current exhibit at the Science Museum.
Will was so excited to see all of his favorite characters, some of the models used in the movie and have his picture taken as a storm trooper.

After the science museum we took a stroll (about a mile) down Grand Avenue and Will was a great sport while we did some baby shopping. We then headed over to the REI in Bloomington so Will could try the rock wall. We met a friend of his on the way in. The resemblance is a little scary!

He wasn't as brave on this wall as he was at Quarry Hill last year. I don't think he liked the idea of belaying back down, something he didn't have to do at Quarry Hill. He wanted to try again after watching Daddy so we'll have to take him back sometime soon!

After yesterday's busy day, the only people who are worn out are mom and dad!

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